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Why It’s Important to Have a Family Dentist?

If you’re looking for a local Marietta, Kennesaw or Smyrna dentist, here are some things to consider before making your choice. Dentistry has important applications for total body health, because the majority of systemic diseases show signs initially as oral symptoms. So it’s important to remember that your family dentist isn’t just a general dentist, they are an experienced medical professionals who care for a very important part of your health! Dentists and oral hygienists make sure your teeth and gums are clean and healthy, keep in mind that your dentist is looking out for your total health too, and can often spot serious medical conditions before you even see a doctor!

When you have a designated, local family dentist, you not only have an experienced dentist near you to go to in times of emergency, but a dental professional who is familiar with you and your family’s medical history and unique needs of dental care. If you have children or teenagers, your family dentist will be able to better care for their dental needs if they are aware of the dental history and care of the parents, as dental and oral health is closely linked to genetics.

Our DoctorsWhen selecting a dentist for you and your family, it can be difficult to figure out the best practice to take care of you and your family’s oral health. It’s important to really think about which practice you can see yourself returning to at least twice a year, for years to come, even in spite of considerations like distance, insurance requirements and specific dental services.

It’s imperative for your general dentist to have as many records available to them as possible, in order to best understand your dental and medical history, so you and your family receive the safest, and best dental and oral health care. So you also have the benefit of consolidated dental health records, all in one place, when you visit the same family dentist for each routine appointment. This may not seem like the most important factor in choosing a local dentist, but many patients do not often transfer all of their medical records to each new health professional they visit.

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