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What Makes Kennestone Dental Designs a Gentle Dentist?

If you’re like many, many people, you may have unpleasant associations with going to the dentist, even anxiety. What we want you to know at Kennestone Dental Designs, is that you’re definitely not alone. This is why term “gentle” started popping up in dental practices around the country over 10 years ago, and we’re seeing it with even greater frequency now. Today, many dentists aren’t likely to call themselves the gentle dentist like they used to, but many practices are taking the name in stride, and applying it to how they represent themselves to patients.

So what does this all mean? What makes a dentist gentle?

At our practice in Marietta, we strive to give the ultimate gentle approach to our patients, both during and outside of treatment. Dr. Barry P. Smith and Dr. Ross Levine know that many people have had less than pleasant, or even painful experiences with the dentist in the past, and its those experiences that keep them from going to the dentist today and taking care of their dental and oral health. This is why we take the term gentle very seriously.

At Kennestone Dental Designs of Marietta, we want to make you comfortable from the moment you step into our office. Our office is warm and inviting, not clinical, so you don’t feel like you’re in a hospital or laboratory. For patients with previous bad experiences and anxiety, being comfortable is key. Our staff is not only experienced but very attuned to the patients and we treat you with respect and friendliness. It’s our job to make sure you have what you need to get a pleasant, painless experience and this is how we create gentleness in care.

We’re also gentle in how we treat our patients’ smile. This means making all procedures pain-free. Any invasive procedures are treated with anesthetics to eliminate pain, and patients with sensitive gums and dentition, or even patients with extreme dental anxiety should consult the doctors about pain management through routine cleanings and exams. Dr. Smith and Dr. Levine know more than anyone how it feels to get a dental procedure done, so they make sure the experience is done with the utmost care only experienced dentists have.

Whether you have strong anxiety over getting a simple cleaning, are in a lot of pain from your current dental condition, or even feeling under the weather, talk to us about how we can help you have a fast, simple and painless appointment. We want all of our patients to know that it’s ok to ask for help at the dentist! It’s what we’re here for! Contact us today to schedule your appointment, or call our office directly at (770) 426-4188 to talk to our staff about your individual needs before even walking through the door.